The exclusive PeakPro event is open to high school players looking to train and complete with the best Pro players in the world. Throughout the one day event the athletes will be exposed to training at a high level while building up through the day to compete in full field games. Our staff of PeakPro athletes are excited to coach you and have you strive to get your game to a Peak level.

The event is limited to only 4 Goalies, 4 Face off men, 4 LSM, 20 defensemen, 20 attackmen and 20 midfielders. We limit the event so you receive maximum coaching and attention so you are prepared to reach your Peak.


Each member of the PeakPro staff works directly with you and you will report to that coach during training sessions. The staff is the best of the best in the world of lacrosse, great players, great coaches and most of all they are great mentors.


PeakPro Schedule

Saturday November 7, 2020

9:00am--10:00am Check in at Forekicks/ Players receive all gear

10:00am Introductions to staff and program overview

10:15am Dynamic warm up with Loryn Watkinson Wellness Coach Boston Cannons

10:30am PeakPro Training session with staff by position (stick work/Shooting/Defensive drills/goalie warm ups)

11:00am Small sided field/small group session of build up

11:20am The transition game on both sides of the ball with all players and staff (full field)

11:40am Full field scramble scrimmage.

12:00pm Lunch / Leadership seminar for players. Parents are welcome to attend.

12:30pm Even play on both sides of the ball build up to 6v6

1:00pm Short field high tempo / Man up Man down

1:30pm PeakPro 10 v10 games

4:00pm Wrap Up

Lacrosse Training

On the field training with a world class staff

Character and Leadership Training

To be the best student athlete, you need to lead on and off the field. The PeakPro Character and Leadership training program will allow you do do both while excelling in the game of life.

The PeakPro facilities are top notch athletic facilities, outdoor field turf.


Each PeakPro player will be outfitted in PeakPro Gear. Included in the cost of the event you will receive at check in: PeakPro Shaft (Carbon, Carbon Composite or Alloy), Jersey, Hat, Shorts, Shooter Shirt, Hoodie.

PeakPro Shaft
PeakPro Feel-Good T-Shirt
PeakPro Hat
PeakPro Long Sleeve Hoodie